Imogiri Royal Tomb

Imogiri Royal Tomb advanced of the Mataram king and family located in Girirejo, Bantul, Yogyakarta. Sultan Agung created this cemetery in the years of 1632-1640 AD. Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo was the first king of Mataram and was buried there. It is set within the future of Imogiri to become his grave once his death. Up to the present Yogyakarta and Surakarta kings, who died are buried here. The innumerable native time tourists visit Imogiri Royal Tomb, where the pilgrimages enjoy the engaging scenery of Mount Seribu. In Suro Ceremony performs in step with the Javanese calendar cleansing "drained" Padasan Kong Enceh. There is square measure various buildings and sacred objects remain preserved.

There is a Mosque inside the graveyard area designed at relating to the time of Sultan Agung. The kind of building continues to be exclusively on the initial construction modification is experiencing on the bottom. The single-roofed house of prayer and presently high coated element. So, the shingles roof can exclusively be seen dart inside the Mosque.

Another part of ideology throughout this house of prayer is Pawestren. There is a prayer house of the body (plot) inside the foyer, a diameter of 99 cm and 146 cm in length. In step with the graveyard, caretaker percussion formed throughout the house of prayer. Another part of the teak pillars inside the prop square and pedestals of stone. Mihrab, a definite section on the wall, and Ambo adorned with carving style.

The graveyard measure has four gates: Kori as arch-shaped gates shortly temple fashioned variety of split with no roof and no doors, the length of 220 cm and 150 cm wide, and merchandise of brick. There is a pure mathematics decoration on the foot part. On either side, two ceramics chop keep on with ornate pedestal of Tumpal.

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