Pentingsari Village

Pentingsari Village is an association of integration between attraction, accommodations, and support facilities. It is presented a very structure of society that blends tradition with procedures and policies. Pentingsari formally became village tourism on July, 15 '2008, consistent with the district business work of Sleman selection with a serial number of 556/336. Presently Pentingsari village is higher known as Peri's spiritual being, becoming the most education activity village in Yogyakarta.

The village is located on the slopes of Mount Merapi and embedded into a house of Kaliadem. This village has fast access to the main road of Cangkringan Golf. It has so many notable attractions like native restaurants, villas, and golf links. Visitors are not just spoiled by the beautiful panorama surrounding and distinctive rural atmosphere but booted with an expansion of activities, facilities, and knowledge, which can learn from the daily activities of local people.

Village facility:

  • Homestay
  • Pendopo meeting hall
  • Camping ground
  • Fishing pool
  • Parking area
  • Trek line


  • Village trekking
  • Outbound and fun game
  • Punokawan and Jatilan dance
  • Learning gamelan music
  • Making batik hand made
  • Mushrooms harvest
  • Learn classical Javanese dance
  • Lava tour Merapi
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