Chicken Church

The history of the Chicken Church began in 1988 when Daniel Alamsjah received the vision to build a house of worship. Construction of this church began in 1992 and took more than 10 years. This building is named the Bukit Rhema Prayer House, which is the embodiment of the vision received by Daniel Alamsjah, namely establishing a place of worship for all religious communities.

It is called the Chicken Church because the shape of the building resembles a chicken and has a crown on its head. Initially, the design of this building was to resemble a dove. Where the dove itself is a symbol of peace. The reasons why Chicken Church became popular:

  • Ever used as shooting location for AADC 2 movie
  • There is a drug rehabilitation center building next to it
  • The Wall of Hope, provides a special place for visitors to make a wish
  • Being a place of worship for all people, it gives a strong message about tolerance between religious communities.
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