Timang Beach

Yogyakarta has many beach tourist areas with hundreds on the south coast, one of them is Timang beach. Timang Beach has a bridge that connects the coast to a small island called the Timang Bridge. This beautiful beach lies in Tepus district of Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta.

According to local residents, the construction of the Timang bridge cost around Rp. 50,000,000, and this is to support the existence of Gunungkidul tourism, especially Timang beach tourism. In 1980 - 1995 the Timang coastal area was a potential area for lobster fishing. However, along with the development of Gunungkidul tourism. The Timang beach area has become an attractive tourist attraction with beautiful views and you can feel the sensation of crossing a suspension bridge or using a Gondola.

Even though it seems a little challenging, visitors don't need to worry because the bridge's security level has been tested first. Tourists can take selfies on Timang beach with the beach or cliffs in the background. After completing their visit to Timang beach, visitors can enjoy to taste the delicious lobster menu that is waiting at the local restaurant.

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