Kampung Naga

Kampung Naga is a tourist village located in Neglasari Village, Salawu District, Tasikmalaya Regency. As the name suggests, Kampung Naga is inhabited by people who still adhere to Sundanese customs. The people of Kampung Naga still take good care of nature and this keeps the village atmosphere calm and beautiful. They still adhere to their customs, their houses are still made of wood and bamboo with roofs made of thick palm fiber. Uniquely, they do not have furniture such as cots, tables, chairs in the house.

People still carry out various daily activities in simple ways, such as living without electricity, cooking using a stove made of wood. Kampung Naga is often visited by foreign and domestic tourists because they are curious about the concept of traditional life in this village, enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature, taking photos with the backdrop of residential houses and green natural scenery.

Kampung Naga was burned down by the DI/TII group in 1956 because it did not support its desire to become part of an Islamic state. This resulted in the burning of the historical archives of Kampung Naga at that time led by Kartosoewiryo. At that time, DI/TII wanted the creation of an Islamic state in Indonesia. The people of Kampung Naga were more supportive of President Soekarno and were not sympathetic to the intentions of the DI/TII Organization. Therefore, the DI/TII organization, which did not get the sympathy of the residents of Kampung Naga, burned down the Kampung Naga village.

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