Pindul Cave Tubing

Pindul Cave is a cave river where lies in Bejiharjo village, Karangmojo, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. It started to become well-known in late year 2010. The Pindul's name comes from the story of a man named Singlulung, who was looking for his missing father. His father was somewhere in the forest near the cave. The young man went into the cave and suddenly his cheek hit a rock, this whay that cave was called Pindul cave now. The Pindul name is an abbreviation of the word Pipi Kejendul means cheek bumped.

Pindul is an unique cave, and has a lot of sparkle stalactite and stalagmite from thousands of years old. The white crystals are in various corners of the cave. There is one of rock stalactite struck will sound like a gong, and the voice reflected off the walls of the cave formations. There is available large room with a hole in the middle of the cave, and can play in the water. The atmosphere in Pindul cave becomes more exotic with the sunlight coming through from the hole of cave.

The visitors can visit through the river at 300 meters, head it into the bowels of the cave by using car tires as floaters. The cave tubing usually performed for approximately 60 minutes. The river's flow in Pindul cave tend to calm down, and it is very safe for children as well. Down on the River will be treated with paintings, and it was created by experienced bat cave dwellers. The visitor will receive an explanation about the ornament, and rock crystal as well along the cave tubing journey.

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