Kasongan Ceramic

When visiting Yogyakarta city, there can spend time visiting Kasongan ceramic village. The village is only 9 kilometers from the city center in the southern part. The visitor can walk around every shop and see the process of ceramic made. Starting from clay processing, and building models until the burning and staining. See hundreds of tiles laid out neatly at the local grocery store. Kasongan village is a pottery area with a clean place and easy to access.

During the Dutch Colonial rule, there was a disturbing incident for residents. Cause it found a horse owned by a Dutch detective died on land owned by residents. Residents are terrified, and none dare to admit the ground anymore, causing other people to follow it. The land was released and finally recognized by other populates. As a result, they do not have agricultural land there again. Eventually chose to become potters for livelihoods and furniture until now. Kasongan village is located in earthy limestone and is famous as a pottery center with an export quality brand.

The pottery-making process divides into two parts, printing in large quantities and directly by hand. Pottery making uses a hand on a cylindrical board, made ​​by adding little by little clay and placed in spots played.

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